13 Apr 2015

Hi Guys... In this Post I'm gonna explain how you can unblock your Ladooo Account. This is not my Trick. One of my dear Friend Posted this Trick in FRB, Facebook.

Before using this Trick, You should know that your Previous Ladooo Balance will be Reset to 0 after applying this Trick Successfully. So if your Account is Blocked or You don't get too much  Offers from Ladooo now & your balance is already 0 then I recommend you to try this trick to Reset the Ladooo a/c & Getting New Offers like a New User.

>>> If it bricks your Mobile or for any other issues, I'm not Responsible. Try on your Own.<<<

Requirements :

  1. Rooted Android Device
  2. Xposed Installer
  3. Donkey Guard App
That's the Apps you required to try this Trick. You can Click to Download this Apps.

Steps to Follow Carefully :
  1. Instal Xposed Installer & Donkey Guard App.
  2. Clear App Data and Force Stop Ladooo.
  3. Open Donkey Guard App, Select LADOOO App and generate new values of android id, device id, sim serial no, Mobile No. subscriber id (for other things click on the first icon) And Save.
  4. Now Open LADOOO And Login with your Number...
  5. Enjoy Looting..

Note : If you've previous Amount then it'll be lost. So don't try if you already have few amounts.

Don't Loot over Rs. 100 in a Single day... This can cause a ban again.


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