19 Jan 2016

Steps to Follow :

1. Download & Install Useless Apk : DOWNLOAD or Mirror Link
     (P.S : It's Very Useful App :p)

2. Now Open Taskbucks again and Click on “Stories” tab.

3. Click on “Share to get ₹ X” of any story (Where X=4/5).

4. Now click on Whatsapp icon to share on Whatsapp.

5. Now click on the group in which you are alone. (you can easily make this type of group – 1st make group of two and then remove another person)

6. Now click on the link and open link in UseLess App or Copy Link and paste the link on link box.

7. Now Enter load count like 6 (First see sharing count on TaskBucks how much need to see stories).

8. Enter max. wait time 10 seconds Now click on Random Identity and press button now wait till process done.

9. You will get notification that you have completed the offer and you have been rewarded.

10. Now follow 2 to 8 steps for other stories and you will manage to get upto 10-15 Rs. Everyday via this trick.

11. Now see your TaskBucks wallet balance.

**Note: Try at your own responsibility. I'm not responsible if your Account gets blocked or any damage done. Better to transfer all balance after getting Rs. 30/-

Enjoy & Share this trick.

Special Thanks to Naveen Yadav for the Trick.


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