13 Mar 2016

Hey Friends, Today I'm going to Unveil How you can Buy Newly Launched Redmi Note 3 by using Script. As we all know Amazon is going to Sale Redmi Note 3 on their Flash Sale. So there will be a Lot of Traffic on the Sale Time. Some will lucky enough to get it in their Cart & some will not. In that Case, they have to wait for the Next Sale.

So by using this Script, You can able to Add the Phone to your Cart without much Hassle.

>Script to Buy Redmi Note 3 (2GB, 16GB)

SetInterval(Function(){ JQuery(“.Btn”).Trigger(‘Click’); Console.Log(‘ Working… ‘); },10);

>Script to Buy Redmi Note 3 (3GB, 32GB)

SetInterval(Function(){ JQuery(“.Btn”).Trigger(‘Click’); Console.Log(‘ Working… ‘); },10);

Step by Step Guide :

  1. Firstly, Go to the Offer Page of Redmi Note 3 in Amazon
  2. To be on the Safer Side, Open this Page in Two Tabs of your Browser. On the 1st Tab, Apply Script. And on the 2nd Tab, Do Manually.
  3. Make Sure your Amazon Account Properly Logged In.
  4. Now on the 1st Tab, Just before 5 Mins of the Sale Starts, Right Click anywhere & Select "Inspect Element".
  5. Now in "Inspect Elecment" you'll find Console Option is there.
  6. Paste the Script there & Right on 1:59 p.m Press Enter.
  7. Boom!! Now on Every Milli Second, this Script will Generate a Left Click Which is just impossible to do Manually.  
  8. Right at 2 Pm, this Script Automatically Click the "Buy Now" Button within 1 Mili-Second.

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