11 Feb 2016

TopCashBack (TCB) Trick to get Rs. 1040/- Cashback by Purchasing Only two T-Shirts.

Steps to Follow :

1. First Make a TopCashBack Account.

2. Click Here to Register. You'll get Rs. 500/- On Signup. 

3. But Rs. 500 will be in Pending Stage. You need to Buy something, only after that your Rs. 500 (Joining Bonus) will Confirm.

4. So now for Buying something, you Need to Click Here

5. You will be Redirected to Abof Page. Just Click on the Button "Get Cashback Now"

6. Now you'll be Redirected to abof's Website.

7. Click on T-Shirts from Men's Section. And Buy one item First.

8. On Completing First Order again Order for Another Item.

9. You will get 270 x 2 = 540/- Rs. Cashback in your TopCashBack Account for Purchasing those 2 items.

10. You will also get your Rs. 500 Joining Bonus got Confirmed.

11. So the Total Income = 540 + 500 = Rs. 1040/-

***You can Transfer this Rs. 1040/- to your Bank Account. 


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