10 Feb 2016

Many People asking for How to get Approved Google Adsense Accounts and They are even Ready to pay to get Adsense Approved Account. So here I'm telling you a Trick by Which you'll get your Approved Adsense Account.

Steps to Follow : 

1. First Make a Video and Upload it on Youtube (recommend to Make a Video of Min 30 Sec or more Long).

2. Now go to your Video Settings and Monetize it.

3. It will take you to Sign Up for Google Adsense. 

4. Fill that Form with Correct Details and Submit.

5. With in 24 Hours, you will get Hosted Adsense Approval Mail (Hosted Adsense is one which currently works on Youtube)

6. Now with Same Gmail, Create a Blog on Blogger . com

7. Post 10 to 12 Articles on Insurance, Health, Finance etc with 400 words ( You may copy it from Google and Change some words)

8. Now Buy a Domain (I'm preferring Godaddy).

9. Now Attach Domain to your blog. (You can easily get how to attach Domain with your Blog. Just Google it)

10) Now open your Hosted Adsense Account, go to settings => Access & Authorization => Site Authorization, you will see an option of "I WILL SHOW ADS ON __________" Enter your Domain Name There.

11) Now Create Ads and put on your Blogger, Ads will Occupy Space but will not Go Live.

12) Give some Traffic so that Ads can get Impressions.

13) Ads will go live within 24 hours and you will get your Fully Approved Adsense Account.

You can use this on Websites, Blogs, Youtube smile.

This is 100% Safe, Easiest and Trick to get Google Adsense Approved.

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  1. use blogger.com and approve adsense from earning section from/ adsense will be added within 2-3 working days